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So what is an American Chunker and what is it all about…………?

Team American Chunker was technically established in November of 2009 – Team Captain Brian Labrie and a small group of Punkin Chunkin enthusiast drove to Bridgeville Delaware on a scouting mission. Soon upon return, a full fabrication team was assembled and less than 1 year later The American Chunker was born! The American Chunker is a massive 120ft+ long pneumatic pumpkin cannon that shoots pumpkins long distance, like a mile! The team’s philosophy then is still the same as it is now – work hard, do your homework, have some fun along the way and stop at nothing to win!

The team is the most determined team on the firing line to win. The goals are to break the current world record (4483 ft) and begin a dynasty with a major win in twenty thirteen! Currently there are over 20 team members now involved in The American Chunker 4.0 – there is plenty of diversity too. Team AC has almost every type of engineer working on this project. Cutting edge is a perfect description of this unmatched group.

Team American Chunker is America’s premier “Punkin Chunkin Team” – we believe in promoting the sport responsibility and intelligently. This team has both class and brains. Safety first is also a major priority. As ambassadors to the world, we take enormous pride in our cannon, our accomplishments and our team members.

Look for The American Chunker on the leader board this Fall as the competition heats up once again. Thanks for following us, we appreciate your support both past and present!

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