Who is Team American Chunker….?

Team American Chunker was established in November of 2009 and is an immense 100ft+ long pneumatic cannon that shoots pumpkins for long distance.  Originally the brainchild of founder and Captain Brian Labrie, the team has since grown to over 25 team members representing areas of Science, Agriculture, Engineering, Fabrication, Construction, Weather Forecasting, Ballistics, Radar, Thermal Imaging, and many other disciplines. 

 Since its inception, the team’s goal has been to win the World Championship Punkin Chunkin Association (WCPCA) world championship held annually in Delaware.  In their first three years competing, team AC stunned the punkin chunkin world with the best average and cumulative distances, and placed an amazing 2nd, 3rd, and 4th (out of 120+ teams, from around the USA and overseas) for longest shot.  This level of success and consistency was unheard of for new comers to the sport, and a testament to the teams dedication, labors, and high end technical approach.     

2013 breakthrough…

With persistent improvements and determination since fabrication, Team American Chunker set a new long distance World Record for launching a pumpkin at supersonic speed on November 1st 2013.  With an amazing shot of 4694.68 feet, American Chunker became the first air cannon team from New England to achieve the longest shot in history at the 28th annual WCPCA World Championship. The event was broadcast by the Discovery & Science Channel.

In 2015, Team American Chunker officially earned a second World Championship title by defeating Team Big 10 Inch in another wild run for the Punkin’ Chunkin’ long distance title.  The best shot for 2015 turned out to be 4,536.57ft and was recorded during the Extreme Chunkin’ event at The New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

Premier “Punkin Chunkin Team” and “cutting edge” are perfect descriptions for this unmatched group of team members.  The team looks forward to continuing to raise the bar in 2016 (and beyond) and expand the scope of the sport with new horizons and milestones in the near future.  Look for Team AC exhibitions during autumn in New England, as we tune up and prepare to defend the hard earned WCPCA World Championship title…


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