Guess Who’s Spotlighted in October’s Dollar Shave Club Monthly Minutes Insert…

Our very own Team AC Captain, Mr. Brian Labrie, is flattered to be the featured member in October’s monthly minutes insert for the Dollar Shave Club.  For those who aren’t familiar…Dollar Shave Club delivers high end razors and many other high quality personal grooming products directly to consumers by mail.  The company offers many cost-effective products delivered on a monthly basis, and is a terrific alternative to retail chains.

Brian’s been a member for over a year and frequently rants about how “their razors are superior than anything else (he has) ever tried, and cost less too”.  That’s what we call win-win no matter how you look at it.

Thanks and kudos to the Dollar Shave Club, from one top team to another! 

We encourage everyone to check them out at the link below and consider trying their service!



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