Introducing American Chunker Jr…

Team American Chunker is proud to present American Chunker Junior.  The hobbyhorse of team statistician and mechanical engineer Doug Sommer, this fully functioning scaled down version of the big air cannon enables Team AC to evaluate pumpkin launching behavior using a scaled approach before testing on the full size rig.  This innovative machine is fully self-contained…including a built in power source, powerful compressor, lift mechanization, remotely activated valve system, and many other features that mimic it’s big brother.  This tool is another example of how Team AC stays on the cutting edge and forefront of punkin chunkin.

As much as an invaluable tool, it is also a lot of fun to shoot (and a lot easier to haul than the full size rig).  Look for Ac Jr to appear alongside AC Sr at all Team AC exhibitions and competitions.  Kids love getting up close and personal with Jr, and launching scale projectiles for distance and accuracy.

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