Team AC Captain Brian Labrie Celebrity Guest Judge on MYTHBUSTERS: THE SEARCH

Our very own Team AC Captain, Brian Labrie, was humbly a celebrity guest judge on the new Science Channel hit show, MYTHBUSTERS: THE SEARCH.  The episode, entitled The A-Team Challenge, was all about our favorite topic…launching fruit using heavy duty nifty machines.  Brian lended his expert advice (and quick wit) to two skillful teams as they went head-to-head in an all-out competition.  It was a really fun and exciting show, congratulations to Brian!

If you are not familiar…MYTHBUSTERS: THE SEARCH is an all-new competition series featuring the next generation of Mythbusters.  It features science prodigies getting judged each week as they use fabrication skills and science smarts to vie at becoming the next myth-busting superstars.  Hosted by Kyle Hill, the show marks the start of a new era in myth-busting on the Science Channel.

For anyone who missed the episode, it can be viewed on-demand at the link below.


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