Wear Your Cause! Team AC Honored to Announce Nine Line Foundation as Our New Charity!

Team AC is very proud and honored to announce support for the very worthy Nine Line Foundation charity. 

In combat, a “Nine Line” is an emergency evacuation request, and is often the difference between life and death for the most severely wounded soldiers.  Nine Line Foundation aims to serve in a similar manner, offering a lifeline once severely wounded veterans return stateside.  To do this they have established the Nine Line Foundation.  Their goal – To rebuild, strengthen, and enrich the quality of life of severely wounded veterans – one soldier at a time.

By primarily focusing efforts on one individual at a time, Nine Line directs 100% of all dollars collected for the Foundation to the candidates’ personalized needs.  As veterans themselves, the Nine Line team feels a lifelong commitment to support their brothers and sisters injured in combat.

To compliment the Foundation, the company also offers a fantastic line of high quality clothing called “Wear Your Cause”.  Founded with a vision to create high quality clothing to be enjoyed by Patriotic American’s around the Globe, a portion of all Nine Line Apparel sales goes directly to the wounded veterans they support.

To learn more about the Nine Line Foundation and their premiere apparel line, please visit the websites below…





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