2017 Team Roster

Premier “Punkin Chunkin Team” and “cutting edge” are perfect descriptions for this unmatched group of team members who represent areas of Science, Agriculture, Engineering, Fabrication, Construction, Weather Forecasting, Ballistics, Radar, Thermal Imaging, as well as other disciplines. 
Brian Labrie – Captain
Dave Bingham Sr. – Co-Captain
Jim “Jimbo” Moreau – Co-Captain, Logistics
Doug Sommer – Statistics, Photography, Video, Merchandise, Website Admin, AC Jr.
Steve Pierce – Trailer Boss, PhD Chair, Logistics, Spotter, PR
Charlie Levine – Civil Engineer, PhD  Co-Chair, Team Safety Inspector
Peter Vollheim – Master Gunner, Aerodynamics
Adrien Labrie – Transport logistics, Security Chairman, PhD
Matt Gross – Transport logistics, Security , PhD
Mike Hughes – Mech Engineer, W.A. Co-Chair, Hydraulics, Solidworks, Team CoPilot
John Wood – W.A. Chairman, Team Pilot
Rick “Uncle Rick” Hansen - MC, Entertainment, Lead Vocals and Guitar
Kyle Gisetto – Spotter, Mechanical Dept
George Hamilton – Pumpkin Specialist – Horticulturalist UNH, Agricultural Relations
Leo Monea – Radar, IT Specialist
Ron Lucier – Thermal Infrared Specialist
Abigail (Abby) White – Merchandise Specialist
Stephany Dean – Merchandise Specialist
Tom Sommer  – Engineering
Peter Colantonio – Mechanical Engineer, Ballistics expert, Solidworks
Don Gross – Transport logistics, Security , PhD   “Still with us in sprit”
Peter Bouchard – Senior Metorologist W.A.
Mike Kalin – Solidworks Specialist (hiatus)

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