Praise from New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan!

Team American Chunker was personally recognized last week by New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan.  This was truly a distinctive honor for Team AC, and we appreciate this acknowledgment immensely.  Special thanks to Governor Hassan, Benjamin Belanger, and the rest of her wonderful staff for taking the time out of their busy schedules to provide such a memorable visit to the NH Capital Building.

For more information on Governor Hassan please click the link below;

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Heartfelt wishes to all our friends and fans for a Happy New Year!

May your Holidays be filled with joy and the coming year be filled with all the good things in life!


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Recognition from Nashua NH Mayor Donnalee Lozeau!

Team American Chunker was personally recognized last week by Nashua New Hampshire Mayor Donnalee Lozeau.  This was genuinely a special honor for Team AC, and we appreciate this salutation tremendously.  Thanks to Donnalee and her terrific staff for such a memorable visit to City Hall, as well as all her hard work and everything she does for the good of our wonderful city and communities.

(Click Here for More Info)

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Recognition From US Senator Kelly Ayotte

Team American Chunker would like to send our sincere thanks for the recent recognition received from US Senator Kelly Ayotte from New Hampshire!  It’s a truly special honor for this distinction, and we appreciate this acknowledgment deeply.

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Teamwork Pays Off…

On Thanksgiving night the Punkin Chunkin special aired across the country, within 2 hours our website had thousands of hits and we received hundreds of emails from fans suggesting helpful ideas on how to better the machine and our distances. The biggest question we kept getting in those emails was “What was your secret this year?”  

Well, here is your answer…..The secret to team American Chunker’s success over the last few years is simple! Our TEAM has worked together and produced incredible results because there is no one person more valuable than another on our team. We all win together and we all lose together. The Team’s chemistry this year was awesome. Team AC has the hardest working, and one of the most innovative groups of guys on the firing line period. This Team is comprised of brilliant, dedicated, hard working folks that had the ability to keep their eyes on the prize!

 TEAMWORK is why The American Chunker won in 2013!

 To a great group of guys and to a great season!


 Brian Labrie 

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World Championship Punkin Chunkin Special to Air on Thanksgiving Night 8PM on The Discovery and Science Channels

Just a quick reminder that the WCPCA World Championship event special will be simulcast on the Science and Discovery channels this Thanksgiving Thursday (11/28/13) at 8pm eastern time.  It was a banner year for World Records and World Championships in 2013, and this promises to be the best event special yet!  Be sure to set the DVR in case you’re too tired from all the turkey!



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American Chunker Honored at Annual WCPCA Banquet

Team American Chunker was honored at the annual WCPCA celebration and awards banquet last weekend, with Team Captain Brian Labrie accepting the coveted World Champion ring.  It was a magnificent extravaganza with many fellow Chunkers, great food and drinks, and most importantly recognition for all of those folks who tirelessly volunteer their valuable time and resources so there can be a World Championship event every year.  Hats off to all of you! 

Please check out the exclusive pictures of this outstanding event just posted to the gallery…

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Fourth Time is a Charm…..Team AC Sets New World Record!

Team American Chunker set a new world record with a monster 4,694.68-foot shot at the 28th annual WCPCA world championship last weekend in Bridgeville Delaware. 

It was a spectacular event with near record crowds, great weather, and 115 dedicated teams competing for the coveted prize.  When the dust settled, American Chunker was crowned World Champion in our fourth season competing.  The entire team and cannon performed flawlessly.  Hats off to all the teams competing…you drove us to work harder than ever and pushed us to the limits.  Special congrats also to New Hampshire based Team Yankee Siege II for their world record trebuchet shot of 2835.81 feet.

 Special thanks to John Huber, the entire WCPCA staff, and the countless volunteers for all you guys and gals do, as well as terrfic farm owner and host Jeff Wheatly.  There wouldn’t be an event without you all!  Thanks also to our tremendous sponsors (FLIR, D.R. Guilbeault, Ring Power Cat, Bingham Lumber, and Cape Ann Brewery), as well as our awesome Punkin growers.  Most importantly we would like to thank all of our fans.  Your loyalty and support have been overwhelming all year long!

 Count on Team AC to continue with our signature determination and hard work in 2014 to attempt to retain the title next year.  We are firmly committed to humbly do our best possible job to represent the outstanding sport of Punkin Chunkin!

 New pictures have been posted to the gallery of the 2013 World Championship, please check them out at the link below.


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Viva Las Bridgeville!

Team American Chunker is making the final tune ups for our annual excursion to compete in the Punkin Chunkin World Championship in Bridgeville Delaware, November 1 – 3.  We’ve been working hard all year long and are very optimistic based on the enhancements and upgrades to the cannon this year. If the results from our first three years competing (Second, Third, and Fourth place finishes, longest average distance and longest cumulative distance) are any indication, we expect to be very competitive again and think THIS will be the year we will finally hit the home run!  

For more information on this tremendous event, please check out the link to the WCPCA below.  If you’re going to be there, please stop by our pit for some fun and excitement!

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Smashing Two Team Effort! New Pics Posted From Amazing Event at Trombley Gardens in Milford NH on 10/13/13!

Team American Chunker joined forces with current WCPCA Catapult World Champions, Team Chunk Norris, on Sunday 10/13/13 to headline the annual Harvest Festival at Trombley Gardens in Milford NH. Team AC Mascot and MC Uncle Rick found some mentoring from his old friend and Chunkin veteran Sir John, as both teams provided the crowd some electrifying punkin chunkin action. Nothing was held back including a finale that included a 10 PUMPKIN AT ONCE SHOT BARRAGE! When the dust settled there was some serious demolition completed to a set of vehicles and countless happy visitors who witnessed the action. Special thanks to Trombley Gardens, Team Chunk Norris, Sir John, and of course the thousands of fans who humbly graced us with their presence. Check out the pictures at the URL below…

Next stop, Bridgeville DE for the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!….November 1-3….


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