2016 Public Event Schedule Posted!

Team AC is excited to announce that the 2016 schedule of public events has now been posted.  This is looking to be a hectic and electrifying year, with more events than we’ve ever had in our schedule before.

We hope you can join us as we get ready to defend our 2nd World Championship Title and GO FOR THE TRIFECTA!



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We’re very pleased to announce The New Hampshire Motor Speedway and Extreme Chunkin’ will host an Extreme 5K in memory of the late Don Gross. The race is scheduled for October 15th at 8am, and will begin with a mighty Pumpkin Cannon blast. 

Competitors will run to support Don’s charity; The Nashua Police Athletic League (P.A.L.).  More information will be forthcoming, but be sure to mark you calendars and help support this worthy cause.

For more information on P.A.L. or the 5K run please check out the links below…






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Extreme Chunkin 2016 Event Growing – Youth Trebuchet Contest Just Announced!

We’re very excited to see a new category just added to the Extreme Chunkin line up for 2016.  This year they have added a Youth Trebuchet division.  Not only will this help cultivate future Punkin Chunkers, but will add some really cool machines and tremendous fun to the ever growing event.  For more information please check out the link below…




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Team American Chunker remembers a special teammate and friend…

With a heavy heart I am very sad to report to you that yesterday, Team American Chunker suffered a tremendous personal loss.  Don Gross, longtime team member, father and husband was involved in a tragic brush fire accident at his home in NH.  Don was an incredible teammate and friend that will be missed beyond words.  He was the most caring and helpful person one could ever hope to encounter.  The world will truly be a far lesser place without Don.  We are all praying for his family during this difficult time, we’d ask that all who knew him please say a prayer for him and his family. 

Godspeed Don!



Brian H. Labrie 




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Team American Chunker edges out Team Big 10 Inch for the 2015 WCPCA World Championship!

Team American Chunker has officially earned a second World Championship title by defeating Team Big 10 Inch in another wild run for the Punkin’ Chunkin’ long distance title. Team AC beat Big 10 inches’ longest shot by 97.07 feet in mid-October. The best shot for 2015 turned out to be 4,536.57ft and was recorded during the Extreme Chunkin’ event at The New Hampshire Motor Speedway. With divisional competition continuing to gain strength, look for Team AC to implement many new innovations in 2016 to stay ahead of the curve. 

“I am very proud of my teammates for all of their hard work and dedication. I am also very grateful to our generous sponsors for all of their continued support. Our team is just totally phenomenal and refuses to lose. It’s a great bunch of brilliantly talented guys! We are already looking forward to the 2016 event and we are confident the newly elected WCPCA board will be able to secure a field by April so that all teams can once again compete in a long distance competition this November”

Look for Team American Chunker this Fall at many different Regional competitions and exhibitions in the Northeast!…

-Captain Brian H. Labrie


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Warmest wishes for a joyous and safe Holiday Season!



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EXTREME CHUNKIN’ is set to return to the New Hampshire Motor Speedway

October 15th & 16th 2016!

This time, even more teams will compete for the chance to be Number ONE!

Stay tuned as more details emerge….




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Team American Chunker Gives Back….

Team American Chunker is proud to announce that once again, through the support of our incredible fans, we were able to donate to THREE great causes this year!

Team AC has supported the New England Basset Hound Rescue Org now for over 4 years. This fantastic group of people are truly incredible in everything they do, they help care for, place and protect the coolest dogs on the planet! To see this great group of folks and Hounds together is an awesome sight. We are happy to support them again this year. 



Team AC is also very proud to support our Wounded Warriors. This is our second season supporting this great organization. These brave soldiers are the very reason Team American Chunker exists’ today. Without their sacrifice and courage this country would be a very different place! We wish we could do more for these great folks – we will keep contributing how ever we can..Thanks again to all those who wear the uniform!


Then finally – on a truly unique, historic and All American Note;  Anyone who grew up in the 70′s will certainly recognize this iconic Bright Red, Ward LaFrance Fire Truck, better known as “ENGINE 51″. It has come to our attention that ENGINE 51 will be undergoing a massive restoration soon to preserve it’s Hollywood beauty. Team American Chunker absolutely loves fabrication and restoration projects like this one. Having grown up watching the hit 70′s show “EMERGENCY” and having several Fire Rescue and Paramedic members on our team, this was definitely a fitting opportunity to support that call to action. We thought this year would be the year to give back a little and help preserve another awesome piece of classic American History! The folks at the Los Angeles County Fire Museum were very thankful for the donation and Team AC was happy to do it!


 So to all our great fans, thank you very much for your continued support and please know that Team AC is just as active off the field as we are on it! 

 KMG-365 over and out..

 Captain Brian Labrie 



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Team AC Proud to Announce New Sponsor Partnership with Carolina Boot Company!

Team American Chunker is proud to announce another great partnership…with The Carolina Boot Company! Whether it’s on the field or in the garage, Carolina Boots will help Team AC get the job done right…while keeping our feet dry and comfortable.  For anyone who’s trudged through rough terrain, you know just how important having happy feet is!

These boots are some of the best available in the galaxy – watch for these professional kicks to be on the feet of your favorite chunkers come next Fall! 








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Pix from Extreme Chunkin Event Just Added to Gallery

Check out these kool pictures from the awesome Extreme Chunkin Event at NHMS….


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Team AC Has Longest Shot to Win Extreme Chunkin Event at NHMS!

The long wait for the Extreme Chunkin event at New Hampshire Motor Speedway is finally over, and Team American Chunker is proud to announce we had the longest shot of the competition at 4536.57 feet.  It was an incredible and memorable event with  Trebuchets, Catapults, and Torsion categories being represented, along with an impressive exhibition from Yankee Siege I throwing cars, piano’s, 55 gallons drums, and more. 

Special thanks to the thousands of fans who turned out to show their support and love for punkin chunkin, as well as the organization representatives, and all the teams who competed (some of which traveled significant distances to be there).  We’re already looking forward to next year!…




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New Hampshire’s own Union Leader Features American Chunker in Great Article

New Hampshire’s very own Union Leader newspaper featured American Chunker and the upcoming EXTREME CHUNKIN event in a great article this week.  Check it out at the link below…




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American Chunker Interviewed on 105.7 FM Loren & Wally Show for EXTREME CHUNKIN EVENT

Our very own American Chunker Captain Brian LaBrie was interviewed on the very popular Loren and Wally morning radio show earlier this week on 105.7 FM WROR.  Lots of interesting info here regarding the pending EXTREME CHUNKIN event.  Check out this terrific interview at the link below…




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Two Day Super Event Last Weekend at Wachusett Mountain Apple Fest 32 a SMASHING SUCCESS!!!!

Team AC is super proud of the TWO DAY SUPER EVENT last weekend at Wachusett Mountain for Apple Fest 2015.  There was some seriously high power lawn bowling up the mountainside against 55 gallon drums playing the role of bowling pins.  It was quite a sight to behold as they went flying in all directions with spins that seemed to defy the laws of physics.  AC Jr was also a huge hit with the kids (and adults who think they’re kids) as more than three bushels of apples were launched up the mountainside and at targets.  All of this excitement against the backdrop of the 32nd Annual Apple Fest was almost too much to take in without an overload.  Check out the pictures just posted to the gallery….



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EXTREME CHUNKIN Press Release Posted From NHMS…

Our good friends at New Hampshire Motor Speedway have posted a press release for the upcoming EXTREME CHUNKIN event on October 24 and 25th.  Combined with the 24 Hours of Lemons race, this event this is set to be one of the wildest weekends in New Hampshire Motor Speedway history.

Check out the details at the link below.

Smashing Pumpkins: Extreme Chunkin Invades NHMS Oct. 24-25



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New 2015 Team AC Merchandise and Harvest Festival Event at Trombly Gardens a Huge Hit!

Team AC is very happy to report that the new 2015 merchandise was a huge hit at the Trombly Gardens Harvest Festival on Sunday  10/11 in Milford NH.  The new SWAG was a great compliment to the awesome exhibition of destruction as Team AC pulverized a helpless van into a piece of scrap metal.  Stay tuned for pictures and video to be posted soon…




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Sprint Cup Race at NHMS a Total Success!

This past weekend’s Sprint Cup Race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway was a total success for both Matt Kenseth and Team American Chunker! Team AC was on hand to promote the upcoming Extreme Chunkin Event in late October! Miss Sprint Cup, Madison Martin stopped by and was eager to get the event started! Tickets are available now at www.extremechunkin.com

See you there!



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Team AC Stoked to Announce New Partnership with GoPro Action Cameras

When it comes to capturing the action, the industry standard is GoPro!   
 No amount of editing can be as powerful as a glimpse of something out of the ordinary, and no camera is more likely to catch that glimpse than a GoPro.  Commonly referred to as “the world’s most versatile cameras”, GoPro video cameras are completely waterproof and shockproof so they can be used in any type of environment or conditions.  For these reasons, we’re ecstatic to partner with GoPro as we defend our title and tackle some pretty extreme environments along the way. 
Stay tuned for some thrilling videos as we document our fall season…
For more information on GoPro, please contact them or visit their website;
GoPro Inc.
3000 Clearview Way
San Mateo, Ca 94019
Toll Free: 888-600-4659
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Flying Pumpkins and Model Rockets…A Perfect Combination….New Pictures Posted!

Team AC just completed our first official test session of 2015, alongside a non-stop salvo of some awesome model rockets.   It was a truly great day for weather, successful testing of the newest improvements to the air cannon, while witnessing a continuous demonstration of some really high end rocketry from the Maine Missile Math & Science Rocketry Club (MMMSCLUB.org).  It was a great pleasure to share the practice field with these folks, and hope to do it again soon.  Check out the newly posted pictures from the day’s events at the link below…




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WCPCA EXTREME PUNKIN CHUNKIN’ Event Announced – October 24/25 New Hampshire Motor Speedway

After a wild turn of events last Fall with the Punkin Chunkin community left stunned and turned upside down with the cancellation of the event in Delaware….from the ashes spring new life…This fall, the World Famous Punkin Chunkin long distance shooting event will be held right here in New Hampshire on October 24/25 at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon NH.  Teams from all across the country will go all-out in a battle for greatness and the chance to be NUMBER ONE!  Don’t miss your favorite reigning WCPCA World Champions, Team American Chunker, defend our title!  Stay tuned for more info…tickets go on sale early September…



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Team AC Proudly Announces UE Systems as a New Premiere Support Partner

UE Systems is the recognized leader of ergonomically designed, portable, and very accurate ultrasonic inspection instruments. Used primarily for leak detection, mechanical analysis and electrical inspection, these instruments are the ultimate key to unlock industrial failure detection, downtime elimination, & increased productivity.

UE Systems has you covered from simple analog tools that help maintenance professionals conduct more accurate PM programs, to the world’s most technologically advanced digital ultrasonic inspection systems.  Additionally, their impressive premiere line of Ultraprobe® instruments are supported by Ultratrend DMS, a first of its kind patented data management software.   This allows full integration of all related inspections for effective reliability and energy analysis which report both cost and carbon footprint reduction while enabling users to analyze, repair and report their savings.   

For more information regarding UE Systems, please contact them or visit their website… 

14 Hayes Street
Elmsford NY 10523 USA
Toll Free – 800.223.1325
Phone – 914.592.1220
Fax – 914.347.2181



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Team American Chunker Back in Action…2015 Schedule Posted!

It was a seemingly endless winter, but Team AC made it through and is officially back in action and ready to defend our WCPCA World Record and Championship.  The team is already in high gear making improvements to the cannon, and establishing new collaborative relationships with exciting new partners such as GoPro, the NRA, and others (more details on this coming soon). 

2015 is quickly shaping up to be our best year yet, and we’re already booked with exciting live public events this fall.  Check out the 2015 Events List Schedule at the link below…




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Captains Log 11-29-14

Wow, what an absolutely awesome show this year and what a crazy whirlwind of a Punkin Chunkin season we have had – even though the WCPCA didn’t have the National competition in Delaware this year, I think team American Chunker went to more events and participated in more community activities than ever before! The entire team was on the go every weekend this past Fall. This sport is growing exponentially every year no matter what the obstacles may be.

A big thanks to all of our sponsors for their support this year! Team American Chunker would definitely not be where we are today without the support of these outstanding folks! Our sponsors are truly incredible people that help us with brilliant solutions and ideas! Whoa……How about all our fans? Our fans are by far the best and brightest people in the game! So far this year to date team AC has received 263 emails with well wishes and proposed modifications for the cannon. Keep the great ideas coming!

In case you were wondering where do you get your perfect pumpkins…..??? Team American Chunker works with the best growers in the business! These farmers enable us to practice with the best fruit you could ever ask for. It is a pleasure going to these different farms weekly and talking with the farmers about how they do what they do! Just an awesome experience. Just an awesome group of people on a whole host of levels, not to mention generous beyond the word! It’s Humbling to know how dedicated these folks are to our cause!

So what’s the one big secret to all your success? That’s an easy one! My incredible teammates are why we win and place high year in and year out. Their dedication and innovative ideas make us who we are. Our team operates better than a Swiss watch on and off the field. I consider myself extremely lucky to work with these guys both personally and professionally. These guys define what champions really are! Simply put, without great team members we don’t win!

Looking forward statement:
Fortunately, It now appears that the World Championship Punkin Chunkin Association will have plenty of time to organize the 2015 Delaware event next November. Team American Chunker will definitely be on the field to defend our title. Team AC already has a nearly full 2015 schedule ahead of the next National competition. We are again, looking forward to working with our growers, sponsors and brilliant fans to see that a second championship comes to fruition. Well, I suppose the time has come for me to turn on the Science Channel and watch some Punkin Chunkin and then slip away into hibernation for yet another year – I’ve  just fired up the wood stove and my pumpkin palace is warming up nicely! Have a great year everyone! I’ll see you on the battlefield in 2015!

Brian H Labrie
Team Capt. American Chunker
Current WCPCA World Champions & World Record Holder



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World Premiere of the Annual PUNKIN CHUNKIN TV Special a Huge Hit!

The annual Punkin Chunkin television special premiered in a simulcast event on Discovery and Science Channel on Saturday, November 29 at 8:00 PM ET/PT.  Entitled PUNKIN CHUNKIN: SUPERCHUNK!, former Mythbusters Kari Byron and Tory Belleci made their return to the Discovery and Science Channel as hosts for this special event.    

As one of the select teams which participated in the filming, we can tell you it was truly awesome! The countdown of the TOP Punkin Chunkin moments in history was tremendous, and we’re very humbly appreciative of being the #1 PUNKIN CHUNKIN MOMENT IN HISTORY!!! The new footage and new competition format was some really crazy stuff we’ve never seen before. 

Special thanks to Science and Discovery Channel, all the teams that competed, and especially all YOU fans for all your support!




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Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Adds Team AC to Their Blog and Produces Top Quality Movie Featurette…

Our premier sponsor SolidWorks has added Team AC to their Blog, as well as produced a top notch video featuring your humble World Champions.  The video gives a glimpse of some behind the scenes action during a test session this year, and how we integrate the terrific SolidWorks software products into our quest for pumpkin launching distance.  The trailer for this video is now showing at the bottom of this web page, and the full video can be found at a link on the Blog URL below.   

Special thanks to Cliff Medling and Dassault Systemes for the tremendous assistance you provide Team AC as we continue our quest towards winning another World Championship next year.  The SolidWorks tools are second to none and unparalleled for producing products faster and more cost effectively.  Their focus on ease of use and functionality allow over 2 million engineers and designers at more than 165,000 companies worldwide bring their designs to life, and we are privileged to be among them….





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New Pictures Uploaded to Photo Gallery from Video Shoot with Honda PowerSports and World Famous Country Singer Mark Wills!

Team AC is flattered to announce we will be featured on an episode of the very popular Honda Extreme Backyarding online video series.  Hosted by world famous country musician and outdoor enthusiast Mark Wills, the show will highlight the team in our own backyard at Bingham Lumber.  The episode is due out the week of November 10th, but you can get a sneak preview from the pictures uploaded to the photo gallery at the link below. 

Special thanks to our new friend Mark Wills and of course Honda PowerSports!  It was a really fun and exciting day of filming with all of you! 

Team AC exclusively uses Honda ATV’s, and would highly recommend them to anyone who demands the absolute best!  Whether you want to rip around a motocross track, have some fun on the trails, or spot splatting pumpkins landing at 4694.68 feet while punkin chunkin, Honda has an ATV to meet your demands.






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CADD Edge and Team AC…a perfect combination!

Team AC is proud to announce a new partnership with CADD Edge Inc.  CADD Edge is the Northeast’s leading provider of SolidWorks Software, Stratasys 3D Printers, CADCAM, PDM, & PLM Solutions for mechanical engineering & product design. Serving the Engineering and Manufacturing industries, CADD Edge is a Value-Added Reseller who provides a line of engineering business solutions, extensive training support, staffing, and service solutions for CAD, enterprise data management, product lifecycle management, and rapid prototyping.  For these reasons they are a perfect fit for a partnership with Team AC and the cutting edge designs in punkin chunkin development.
For more information regarding CADD Edge, please contact them or visit their website…

241 Boston Post Road, West
3rd Floor
Marlborough, MA 01752
Phone: 508.630.8000
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Team AC Proudly Announces Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks as a Premier Support Partner

SolidWorks offers complete 3D and 2D software tools that enable creation, simulation, publishing, and management of data.  For these reasons, SW is a perfect fit for a partnership with Team AC, and will greatly help with 2014
upgrades as we defend our World Championship title. 

SolidWorks products are widely known for their ease of learning, functional use, and how well they work together to design products better, faster, and more cost-effectively. The SolidWorks focus on ease-of-use allows more engineers, designers and other technology professionals take advantage of 3D in bringing their designs to life. SolidWorks is currently used by over 2 million engineers and designers at more than 165,000 companies worldwide.

 For more information on their products please contact them or visit their website…

 Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corporation
175 Wyman Street
Waltham, MA 02451

 Toll Free: 800-693-9000




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Team American Chunker now a proud supporter of Wounded Warrior Project Charity

Team AC is very proud to announce sponsorship support for the very worthy Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) charity.  The Wounded Warrior Project  serves veterans and service members who incurred a physical or mental injury, illness, or wound from military service on or after September 11, 2001.  With the mission to honor and empower Wounded Warriors, WWP is the hand extended to encourage wounded military persons as they adjust to their new normal and achieve new triumphs. Offering a variety of programs and services, WWP is equipped to help with every type of injury – from the physical to the invisible wounds of war.  Their key mission is;
  • To raise awareness and enlist the public’s aid for the needs of injured service members.
  • To help injured service members aid and assist each other.
  • To provide unique, direct programs and services to meet the needs of injured service members

Team AC is proud and honored to support such a worthy cause.

For more information please see our Charity Page, and the website below…






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Fourth Time is a Charm…..Team AC Sets New World Record!

Team American Chunker set a new world record with a monster 4,694.68-foot shot at the 28th annual WCPCA world championship last weekend in Bridgeville Delaware.

It was a spectacular event with near record crowds, great weather, and 115 dedicated teams competing for the coveted prize.  When the dust settled, American Chunker was crowned World Champion in our fourth season competing.  The entire team and cannon performed flawlessly.  Hats off to all the teams competing…you drove us to work harder than ever and pushed us to the limits.  Special congrats also to New Hampshire based Team Yankee Siege II for their world record trebuchet shot of 2835.81 feet.

Special thanks to John Huber, the entire WCPCA staff, and the countless volunteers for all you guys and gals do, as well as terrfic farm owner and host Jeff Wheatly.  There wouldn’t be an event without you all!  Thanks also to our tremendous sponsors (FLIR, D.R. Guilbeault, Ring Power Cat, Bingham Lumber, and Cape Ann Brewery), as well as our awesome Punkin growers.  Most importantly we would like to thank all of our fans.  Your loyalty and support have been overwhelming all year long!

Count on Team AC to continue with our signature determination and hard work in 2014 to attempt to retain the title next year.  We are firmly committed to humbly do our best possible job to represent the outstanding sport of Punkin Chunkin!

New pictures have been posted to the gallery of the 2013 World Championship, please check them out at the link below.


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